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A New Skin

A refreshing ambience for a refreshing atmosphere

The English language makes no distinction between living somewhere and simply inhabiting a place – both are called “living”. This makes sense as your surroundings heavily influence your quality of life. A home is made up of more than just four walls. It is composed of personal objects and emotions and is the most private place on earth. Our home is our second skin.

Shell 118 is being extensively redeveloped in all communal property areas. Roof, electronics, central heating, as well as water and sewage drainage systems are being inspected by an expert and renewed where required. Both facades will receive a fresh, new coat of paint. All windows and balcony doors will be replaced with energy-saving, noise-cancelling units with multiple glazings and fitted with modern frames. The side of the house facing the courtyard will have two new balconies constructed per floor, all with a view of the brand-new garden of the neighbouring building. Existing balcony railings facing the street will be renewed and fitted with stainless-steel glass parapets.

Your new foyer will receive a refreshing colour concept, a modern letterbox system and will be fitted with brand-new lighting. In the stairwell, walls, ceilings and landings will be redesigned, banisters will receive new handrails and front doors will be freshly varnished. The elevator cabin will also receive a completely new look as well as control panel.

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In use

Project Type

Revitalisation of an existing property with a redesign of the business assets




21 home-ownership flats
1 office, law firm, surgery
2 business units on the ground floor


21 apartments with 1 to 4 rooms,
ranging from 39 to 107 m²

1 office unit
at 109 m²

2 business units with storage possibilities in the basement,
sized at 94 and 110 m²

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