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Project Developers

Whether it’s a listed historic property, newly built housing or a residential property from the 1950s or 1960s – the DKW group offers potential homebuyers a high-quality selection of properties in Berlin and Leipzig.

Current properties
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Asset Managers

The DKW group acquires, manages and develops residential real estate. The focal point of our business operations lies within residential properties built in the 1950s and 1960s. Regionally, we are concentrating our investments in the areas Berlin and Leipzig. We are currently planning the establishment of an asset portfolio in Berlin.

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Current projects

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Die KapitalWert GmbH (DKW) acquires, manages and develops residential real estate. The focal point of our business operations lies within residential properties built in the 1950s and 1960s. Regionally, we are concentrating our investments in the areas of Berlin and Leipzig. We are also looking to establish an asset portfolio in Berlin.

Since our founding, we have completed projects worth a total volume of around 95.5 million euros. This includes newly built housing, traditional renovation of old buildings, cultural heritage management and properties for our asset portfolio.

Our proven real estate expertise is paired with a high aesthetic demand. From acquisition to development to closing, we don’t focus solely on the performance indicators themselves, but on our contribution to a lively neighbourhood and urban development without underestimating its influence on added value.

Company Philosophy

The company philosophy shapes the business endeavours of DKW. It sets us apart from the rest:

Real Estate Expertise

Real Estate Expertise

We are specialised in the development and privatisation of properties built in the 1950s and 1960s. These properties are often underestimated but they offer many advantages:

They are not as scarcely available as the expensive historical buildings built during the Gründerzeit (founders’ period) and have much more efficient floor plans. Potential buyers easily acquire a low-risk product, whether it’s for self-usage or as a capital investment. Their building structure is also of very-high quality; they do not tend to develop dry rot as older buildings do.

Aesthetic Demand

Aesthetic Demand

The properties that we develop should meet high architectural and aesthetic demands and integrate seamlessly into the urban landscape. This also benefits the value growth of a property.

Careful Selection of Properties and Partners

Careful Selection of Properties and Partners

In our acquisition, we insist on carefully selecting our business partners and setting high demands on the quality of our cooperation. This is even more important to us than brief acquisition successes.

Services for Private Homebuyers and Institutional Investors

The DKW group offers homebuyers an “all-round carefree package”. We don’t just sell properties- we coordinate renovations, support financing and management, and resell.

The DKW group covers the entire value-added chain for properties. Starting with location analysis, through the purchasing and development of objects, and all the way to a possible close; we offer a complete spectrum of services.

For private homebuyers and property investors

  • You will profit from our all-round carefree package at every stage of development — even after the purchase of your property
  • Advising and acquisition of financing
  • Expert appraisals when purchasing
  • Assistance with resale
  • Execution of apartment and special-property management
  • Creation of property valuations

For Portfolio Managers and
Institutional Investors:

  • Demand-analyses, analyses of property markets, and micro and macro locations
  • Purchasing of suitable plots and existing properties
  • Conceptual asset management with project-development expertise, adapted to individual requirements of the user
  • Property management and closing scenarios

We Are Looking to Buy

We are always on the lookout for new challenges and are known for our quick decision making, reliable processing and absolute discretion.

What we buy:

  • Buildings from the 1950s and 1960s, developable historical buildings both in need of renovation and not (vacancy rate of 20 % maximum)
  • Multi-family housing as well as residential and retail properties (retail share 20 % maximum)
  • Newly built properties
  • Project volume of up to 10 million euros

Where we buy:

  • Exclusively in growing cities such as Berlin and Leipzig
  • In good to very good locations
Acquisition Profile

Our Team: Dynamic, Fast and Flexible

Our employees are specialists in the areas business administration, architecture, civil engineering and property economics.

The creed of the DKW team: We are dynamic, fast and flexible. Further, we orientate ourselves around hanseatic virtues and act reliably as well as responsibly.

Career in a Young Team

Dynamic, flexible and responsible: that’s us! And ambitious, too – we want to create movement. Do you identify with this? Then we look forward to your application. Contact: Dorota Malkowski |

Business Partners

“The development of residential properties is characterised by the substantial importance of good project management. We at Rubina Real Estate are very happy that we have found a business partner in the DKW group who controls handling of such projects so reliably. Reliability, flexibility and acute attention to quality aren’t just wishful thinking; they can be felt when cooperating with the team at DKW. Thank you very much for that!”

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Rubina Real EstateDistribution

“We love working for the DKW group. The cooperation is superb: they are always available, competent and on the same level as us.”

Werz Goldstein und Werz Hausverwaltungs GmbHProperty Management

“As a financial partner, a trusting cooperation with all parties is of utmost importance. For all our projects thus far, the DKW group has proven itself as a reliable business partner time and time again.”

Haus & Capital Commercial GmbH & Co. KGFinancing Partners

“Wir, die C&P Immobilien AG, haben die DKW Gruppe im Zuge eines Grundstückankaufes als kompetenten Partner mit Handschlagqualität kennengelernt.
Aufgrund dieser positiven Erfahrung, werden wir zukünftig bei passenden Angeboten die DKW Gruppe wieder als Partner heranziehen.”

C&P Immobilien AGProjektkäufer

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